Printing in Hong Kong Since 1972

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Our company has established in Hong Kong since 1972 with the aim to provide high quality printed matter to our customers with our production based in Hong Kong.

By doing so, we would closely monitor the entire production processes until the printed matter is delivered to our customers. We are also providing our customers a comprehensive filing services, with just a telephone call, fax or email, our customers could easily place their order to reprint at any time.

With years of experience in printing industry, we could deliver our customers with highly flexible and professional services, to meet all your expectations on the printed matters.

original business registration Original Printer's License
Our original Business Registration & Printer License from 1972

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Rm. 204-5, 2nd Floor, Yip Fung Industrial Building, 7 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
電話 Tel: +852 2328 5155 | 傳真 Fax: +852 2352 3953
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